Shirwell Mission Community


'Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.'        Matthew 5.4

If someone you know and love has died, a funeral led by us can be held in church, in a churchyard, by a graveside, or at a crematorium.  We will be there to support you every step of the way.

Funerals | The Church of England

Anyone who has lived, or died, in the parish is entitled to be buried in the churchyard, whether or not they regularly attended church. The same applies with the burial of ashes, with some churchyards having special areas set aside for this purpose.

Most of the churchyards in the Mission Community are becoming full, which means that regretably some restrictions have had to be introduced on who may be buried in them:

1. Anyone who has lived, or died in the parish.

2. Anyone who has lived in the parish but had moved into residential care.

3. Anyone who has a relative buried in the churchyard.

3a. Anyone who has a close relative buried in the churchyard (Bratton Fleming).

4. Anyone who was on the Church Electoral Roll.

5. Anyone who owned a house or land in the parish. (Shirwell, East Down, Arlington, Challacombe Stoke Rivers & Kentisbury).

Summary of fees in the

Shirwell Mission Community 2024

Funeral Service at the crematorium                       £228.00

Funeral Service in Church                                     £228.00

                  Organist                                               £  50.00

                  Verger                                                  £  40.00

followed by:

                  burial in churchyard                             £366.00

                  burial in cemetery                                £  34.00

                  cremation                                             £  34.00

burial of cremated remains in churchyard

following church service                                        £159.00

burial of cremated remains in churchyard

following crematorium service or on separate

occasion from church service                                 £192.00

Memorial stones

                  Headstone                                            £167.00

                  Flat stone marking cremated remains  £  89.00

Bells are available in all churches except Stoke Rivers. Fees have been agreed at the same level as weddings, but will be at the discretion of the bell captain.

Shirwell, Bratton Fleming              £140.00

Loxhore, Arlington, Kentisbury ...  £  90.00

East Down,Challacombe               £  40.00

Full details are available from the rector:


                  Telephone             01598 711962