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A Mission Community in the Diocese of Exeter

We have a number of groups that meet, or activities that take place, on a weekly or monthly basis. Most of these are listed below. If you are interested in any please come along.


This is an arrangement whereby if anyone in the village, for whatever reason is in need of help, they can call the co-ordinator and ask for assistance. The tasks can be anything from a lift into town; to the doctor's, hospital or hairdressers; help with shopping or other items to be collected and/or delivered; help with cooking, ironing or vacuuming; dog walking; emergency maintenance; grass or hedge cutting on a limited scale; placing the rubbish bins out etc. The co-ordinator will treat every call in the strictest of confidence and arrange for one of the volunteers to help with the requested task.

 The co-ordinator is Ken Edwards Tel: 01271 850581.



There have been bells at St. Peter's for hundreds of years but the current six bells were cast in 1733 by William Evans of Chepstow. They were re-hung in 1898 and again in 1986. Each bell has its own inscription as follows; Treble "Glory to God in the highest"; 2nd "On Earth Peace"; 3rd " Good Will Towards Men"; 4th Wm Evans of Chepstow cast us all"; 5th Wm Baker Churchwarden"; Tenor "Sir John Chichester Bart Christopher Boyce Rector".


The bells are rung prior to every service as well as special occasions; weddings; funerals; New Years Eve; for competitions and by many visiting teams from all over the country. Practice takes place between 19:00 and 20:30 hours on a Wednesday evening.


If you are interested in joining the team, please contact the Captain, Ken Edwards Tel: 01271 850581.


This is a Sunday school for children of all ages. It takes place at 09:30 hours on every Sunday morning during term time at Shirwell Village Hall. There is a mixture of games and other craft activities centred around bible stories. This usually lasts around 40 minutes, following which, the children attend St. Peter's church and briefly summarise to the congregation what they have learned.


For more information contact David Friend Tel: 01271 850447.



This event takes place several times a year in the church. It is a wonderful opportunity for children of all ages within the community to meet and take part in a variety of creative activities some of which are based on a Bible theme, including cake and bread making; cooking; puzzles; bible stories; songs and games. Over the years since the event started, the numbers attending have increased dramatically.



Each Wednesday morning during the school term, members of the Open the Book team visit Shirwell Community Primary School, in order to read and act out some of the most well known and much loved bible stories. This is very well received by both the pupils and staff.


As the Shirwell Mission Community is scattered over a large area of north Devon, a number of local magazines are in circulation to advertise events and keep people in touch with what is going on.  Shirwell shares its magazine with East Down.  It has been in existence for many years and is published on a monthly basis by the current editor Nicola Incledon Tel: 01271 850142.



There is a small team of specially trained volunteers within the community, who on behalf of the church, can visit anyone who is ill, bereaved, alone or wishes for any other reason to have a visit.  The team member offers a listening ear and a prayer.  This is all dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

There will also be occasions when a visit from a minister may be necessary and s/he will be always be available if the individual wishes. 


It is important to stress that the work of the team is not intended to replace or overlook the many expressions of concern and help routinely offered by family, friends and neighbours


The co-odinator for the Shirwell team is Marian Gillard Tel: 01271 850232.


These are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the Village Hall for the over 50's in the village. For the small sum of £3.00 you generally have a choice of up to three different home made soups with bread butter and a cold drink. This is followed by a choice of home made puddings with custard and/or cream and tea or coffee. If you have room, there are frequently seconds of each course.  Not unsurprisingly, this is very well attended as it is a great opportunity for a delicious lunch, as well as company and a chat with friends and neighbours.


The contact number for bookings is circulated in the village magazine.