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A Mission Community in the Diocese of Exeter


This document summarises the previous MAPs and adds new aspirations based on what is already happening within our Mission Community, or is in the planning. At the moment this is a discussion document, open to be changed or added to. In time we can formalise this and add specifics, including naming people who are involved and timescales.


Who are we? We are a diverse but united group of parish churches, working together as a Mission Community to share resources and support one another.

Our vision is:

to reach out to the communities of which the church is a part, to be a channel of the unconditional love of God and a sign of His Kingdom.

to provide ready opportunities to enable people to experience the love of God in the context of their everyday lives, and to nurture the growth of a relationship with Him. (This vision statement was agreed at the time the previous Mission Action Plan was formalised)


Organisation and sharing resources


We hope to develop an effective form of local ministry consistent with the provision of 1 full time priest for the whole mission community. We will do this by:

-               training local ministry teams (or individuals) who can lead services and discipleship groups

-               communicating well with each other through regular church warden meetings

-               maintaining a joint website with information about each Parish Church and forthcoming events

-               opening a joint bank account for the payment of fees and expenses, which will be audited annually, and explore what savings might be made         by joint purchases

-               working together to reduce the burden of administration


Some churches will:

-               develop specific ministry teams ... to include ‘meet and greet’, ‘pastoral’, ‘building maintenance’, ‘catering’, ‘children's work’, ‘worship’ and                     ‘prayer ministry’ (BF)


Outreach/connecting with others


We hope to:

-               develop co-operation in outreach events between the large and small churches, for example, running joint Alpha courses and baptism                         preparation courses.

-               communicate regularly to the community through Parish magazines

-               develop better communication with our ecumenical neighbours, to ensure we work together when we can and worship together occasionally

-               run church and charity fundraising events with the aim of connecting positively with our community as well as raising funds


Some churches will:

-               send cards to children up to five on the anniversary of their baptism and on their birthdays (BF)

-               send anniversary cards to wedding couples

-               develop greater involvement from and relationship with Sunday Club and Messy Church parents  (BF)

-               look into setting up a men’s social group (BF) or a Saturday morning event (BF)




We hope to:

-               develop the pastoral care team to include representatives from each church and support this team with regular meetings and ongoing training                  as required

-               communicate with the community about the availability of the pastoral care team via Parish magazines etc.

-               hold a annual service to which bereaved people may be invited

-               enable our church buildings to be prayerful and peaceful places where all feel welcome. Churches will be open in daylight hours (Stoke Rivers                 summer only).  


Some churches will:

-               visit people new to the area as well as existing households to let them know about worship services and pastoral care

-               create a welcome pack for new residents (Ch, Sh)

-               provide regular afternoon tea or morning coffee for senior citizens (BF)(Lox)

-               provide lunches (Sh, BF)

-               offer ‘helping hands’ (Sh)

-               visit or send cards to bereaved relatives on the anniversary of their loved ones death

-               have in the church a book of remembrance (BF)




We hope to:

-               maintain our buildings as safe, comfortable and welcoming places of worship

-               ensure there are both contemporary and traditional services regularly held throughout the Mission Community

-               support ‘Open the Book’, in each of our local schools and encourage more people to join in

-               ensure those with disabilities are able to access worship as far as reasonably practicable in all our churches

-               enable those who are unable to leave their homes to be able to access spiritual support and receive communion if they wish

-               continue to resource and grow Messy Church within the Mission Community


Some churches will:

-               train more worship leaders, and people to take a part in the services, e.g. reading lessons or leading intercessions (Sh)

-               ensure continuity of child friendly worship which currently exists, specifically Messy Church, Special Branch and Sunday Club, and identify                      new children's leaders for the future

-               make family services more accessible to families (BF, Sh)

-               to review morning worship as a service suitable for newcomers (ED)

-               train people in the use of the projector/screen (BF and Sh)

-               develop a music/singing group for all ages (Ch)


Growing as disciples, learning and serving others


We hope to:

-               encourage personal prayer and create opportunities for praying together

-               run a confirmation course

-               complete the SEAN course with existing members

-               encourage existing and develop new daytime and evening discipleship groups,

-               to let our learning lead into acts of service and generous giving

-               be a church which celebrates and cares for our environment

-               support the farming community

-               support local and global charities with regular donations and fundraising events


Some churches will:

-               support the local Foodbank with donations (BF, Sh, ED)

-               commit to Fair Trade

-               support ethical investment